We are proud to offer employee benefits to our employees. With this, the company also offers to its eligible employees a new, innovative benefit plan – the Employer Harassment Protection Plan (“EHP Plan”). The Company is serious about ensuring that workplace harassment is not permitted within the Company and ensuring that should a workplace harassment incident occur, our employees have a platform that allows them to not only raise their voice and concern but to be heard and know that it will be handled appropriately through a third-party, The Work Shield. The Work Shield helps administer the EHP Plan, investigates each incident report and then provides a recommended course of action to the Company about each incident. This way, the Company is not involved in any intake, investigation or reporting of an incident.

In the event that you feel a workplace harassment issue has occurred, you may report it via an incident report under the EHP Plan. To file an incident report, just follow these easy steps:

1. Go to www.theworkshield.com.

2. Once you are on website, click “Log In” and set up your account with (i) your own username and (ii) your own password. NOTE: setting up your account does not limit you to file an anonymous incident report.

3. Once you set up your account, fill out the Incident Report Form with as much detail as possible.

4. Upon filing an Incident Report Form, you will receive an email response from The Work Shield, the third-party who will handle the investigation, reporting and recommendation for each incident. From there, The Work Shield team may reach out to you for additional questions or comments. As such, it’s important to include every detail of the incident.

Again, as a Company that will not allow workplace harassment, we take this issue seriously. In order to remove any fear of reporting, it is important to note that the Company may not retaliate against any person who reports an incident because of such filing. That is why the Company has also engaged The Work Shield to help administer and oversee the EHP Plan, as well as handle all Incident Report Forms.